Who’s the New Dance Teacher?

Granite Hills is the only local high school with a separate dance program.

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GH Dance Team Returns!
October 2, 2018

Ms. Kurtz

For the new school year of 2018-2019, Granite Hills High School has opened a dance program for the first time. To open a dance program, the school obviously needs a dance teacher. I had the opportunity to interview our new and first dance teacher, Ms. Aimee Kurtz.

Ms. Kurtz has been dancing since she was in the crib, and she went into her first dance class at around 5 or 6 years old. Ms. Kurtz has always known that she wanted to be a dance teacher; by her junior year of school, Kurtz was a teacher’s assistant at a dance studio.

Ms. Kurtz went to VVC for 2 years for liberal studies, CSUSB for two years to get her bachelor’s degree, University of Redlands for 1 year for her credential, and last but not least, University of Phoenix for her PE credential.

Ms. Kurtz first taught elementary; she did 8 years of second grade and 6 years of kindergarten. She has taught at Desert Knolls, Rio Vista, Sitting Bull, and now Granite Hills. She was asked what her goal was and she responded “ My goal was bringing dance to schools because not everybody can afford to be at a private dance studio, so I’m very thankful that I get to give the students this opportunity. If I had been given a chance to dance in high schoo,l then that would’ve been a fun year.”

Mrs. Kurtz added that high school and elementary are pretty different. “ Every grade has its own ups and downs, positive and negatives. High school is different from elementary; high school students are more independent; and elementary, you teach them to be independent.”

Although her dance room is not completely done and she and her class have to practice in the wrestling room, Mrs. Kurtz is happy and thankful to be the first dance teacher at Granite Hills High School.