PBIS App Makes a Difference!


Ariana Barron, Writer

The Granite Hills PBIS team recently released that they will begin to use a new reward system, called PBIS Rewards. Teachers will be able to scan a student’s ID card or look up a student’s name using the app, then points will be directly added to a student’s account. I was able to speak with Mr. Arnt, a PBIS board member, about what rewards students can look forward to. He said students can exchange points at the student store for Granite gear, such as lanyards, pens, and pencil cases. The PBIS team is also considering on throwing exclusive events for students with a certain level of points.

I know what your thinking. How can you earn points and earn all these rewards? It is very simple. Teachers rewards students who they see are using one of the 3 B’s, be safe, be respectful, or be accountable. PBIS is also looking into rewarding students who attend certain events. Teachers, do not feel left out! PBIS is looking to give you points as well for all of your efforts to make Granite Hills the best. All unused points will carry through every semester and each year will. So students, be your best self and receive all the rewards PBIS has to offer!