Saving Lives: Blood Donation at GHHS


Photo by Gordon Sumner

Ms. Hunt leads our medical careers program at GHHS, and she also is the coach for our cheerleading teams.

On Friday, September 7, the Granite Hills medical program organised the first blood drive of the year. Ms. Hunt, the medical teacher at Granite Hills High School, claims this blood drive has been the most successful blood drive at Granite Hills since she began teaching at the school.

Students donated 150 pints of blood. Imagine all the lives that are going to be saved thanks to students’ donations. The Granite Hills medical
program holds a blood drive every 54 days. The next blood drive will be held on November 6th. For those who want to donate, Ms. Hunt has some advice. “Eat Breakfast! Also, eat a high iron dinner the night before,” suggested Ms. Hunt.

For students who are afraid, Ms. Hunt wants to let you know that the stories people share about their experience are over exaggerated 90% of the time.

Though the medical program students help out with this event by taking care of the patients, they are also holding some events in the next couple of months. The 1st Annual Health and Wellness Fair will be held on October 26th from 3-6. Their will be games and resources to bring awareness to mental health. Also, the medical program will hold the Cougar Clinic on October 31. The Cougar Clinic allows GHHS students to receive check-ups from Granite Hills’ medical students.

Thank you to Ms. Hunt and her students for their excellent efforts to help all of us to live healthier and longer lives.