Disneyland Lays Off Thousands of Employees, Meets Backlash from US Senator

Disneyland Lays Off Thousands of Employees, Meets Backlash from US Senator

Olivia Sinkevitch

One of the many devastations resulting from our country’s imperative COVID-19 shutdown is employees losing their jobs due to customers no longer being able to attend their places of work and service. This has impacted some large corporations and has destroyed many small businesses with unemployment rates skyrocketing in the United States due to the pandemic. A recent event involving Disneyland and their decision to lay off thousands of their employees has proved that this current economic crisis does not discriminate against the so-called “happiest place on earth.” 

According to the Orange County Register, towards the end of September it was made public that Disneyland would be putting around 28,000 Disneyland employees out of work because of the mandatory closing of the park, which has been ongoing since March of this year. This impactful decision has affected restaurant workers, hotel employees, and even Disneyland’s own Imagineers, who are the individuals responsible for the park’s creative buildings, attractions, merchandise, and more. Some of the employees included in the mass layoff were among some of the park’s most dedicated employees who have been employed there for decades. 

This decision resulted in some outrage and backlash directed towards Disneyland, with some of the critiques even coming from United States Senator Elizabeth Warren. Senator Warren denounced Disney’s decision by stating, “…thousands of laid-off employees will now have to worry about how to keep food on the table as executives begin receiving hefty paychecks again,” (USA Today). 

As of now, regardless of the layoffs, Disneyland is still said to be equipped with plans to safely reopen the park but still awaits approval from California leaders.