California Suffers in Record Temperatures

We have suffered through record-setting heat.


Olivia Sinkevitch, Writer

Summers in California, especially in the state’s deserts, are known for their extreme high temperatures and intense sun rays, all summer long. Many Californians fight the heat by turning to pools, air conditioners, and summer fashion. This year, however, in 2020, it seems this battle with the high temperature is much more difficult to fight, with temperatures reaching miserable record highs.

All over California, reports are coming forward featuring the highest temperatures on record for certain areas and counties. In Los Angeles County, record all-time highs include 122 degrees Fahrenheit in not one, but two areas – Stunt Ranch and Winnetka. According to the New York Times, counties all over the state are reaching all time highs as well, with Ventura county at 120 degrees, Santa Barbara county at 122 degrees, San Luis Obispo county at 117 degrees, and Riverside county reaching 120 degrees. These unpleasant conditions make it hard on not only those outside, but those inside during California’s COVID-19 social distancing rules, leaving families to rely on their air conditioning units and other cooling methods.

According to CBS News, some residents of affected areas are even reporting power outages in their homes caused by the extreme heat. Additionally, California is experiencing massively devastating, lethal, and record-breaking wildfires at this time, which these heat waves are only helping to amplify.

With national forests being closed down due to the wildfires and residents being urged to avoid leaving their homes due to unsafe air quality, it’s safe to say that 2020’s summertime is something most Californians have never experienced before.