GH Dance Team Returns!

GH Dance Team Returns!

Janel Arceo, Writer

This year the dance team has new everything, new name, new captain, new members and this is
supposed to be their best year yet since ex-captain, Malik, graduated. This year their new captain
and choreographer is Janel Arceo, their organizer is Nadine Contreras, and their new name is

“We wanted to come up with a name that actually
meant something and earlier someone had mentioned to
have our name be Army and well everyone liked that so we
just brainstormed some positive words to go along with Army
and boom we had our name” – Nadine Contreras

The Army dance team has already performed once this
school year and they are practicing every Monday, Tuesday,
Thursday, and sometimes Friday to be set for their next
performance on Halloween day.

“We really just want to focus on transitions and
different spots so we don’t all just stay in the same spot for
the whole dance. Once we raise enough money we are going
to try and compete and become an actual competing dance
team and as captain it is my job to make sure my team is
actually ready for that and I couldn’t be more happy and
proud of everyone on the team.” – Janel Arceo

The captain mentioned that she did want to make the dances a little bit more difficult as
they go throughout the year because as soon as they raise enough money, they are
competing in many events.

“The dances are pretty hard as it is but we all try our hardest
and we can’t wait to compete. It’ll all be so exciting seeing everyone
look all like professional dancers” – Tristina White

Their performance for Halloween day is said to be epic. The dance team is trying moves that
they have never done before to new transitions, to flips, to using props, to different
wardrobe, etc. Their next performance is going to be ‘The Purge’ theme and they are
getting masks and costumes; their opening song is going to be the annual
announcement from the Purge; sounds pretty compelling to me.