Hurricane Laura Strikes the Gulf Coast

Hurricane Laura does millions of dollars in damage


Christopher Shank, Writer

Another tragedy has struck as Louisiana endured another horrific storm. On Aug 27th hurricane Laura struck the border of Texas and Louisiana as a category one storm which grew in size to a category four and was described as “ unsurvivable flooding and catastrophic winds” as the Washington Post reported it to have an average of 175 mph winds that spanned 40 miles in size.

This, along with the rapidly rising rivers, caused an evacuation of Lake Charleston and others where a total of 78,000 coastal residents had to evacuate. Authorities provided rides out of Calcasieu Parish and by Wednesday, most people had evacuated.  Laura caused severe damage by ripping out light posts, tearing off roofs, and knocking trees over with stating that there were at least ten deaths and damage costs up to 12 billion in Texas and in Louisiana. Mark Schleifstein at reports that the main reasons behind the storm’s intensity were the warmer weather conditions along the coast, the speed of the storm not allowing for the heat inside to escape, and the overall timing of the storm as it missed the timing of a weather pattern called the Saharan Air Layer which inhibits tropical storms.

Overall, Hurricane Laura was a well timed storm that even though it was not as strong as former storms Lura still packed a punch dealing tons of damage and great devastation to the people of Texas and Louisiana.