Is Cheating Okay?

If you had a chance to cheat on the test and you needed a good grade, would you?

Is Cheating Okay?

Courtney Moran and Cassidy Womack

As many of you know, Granite Hills is a school that hopes to instill character in all of its students. So, in a survey, we asked random classes of students at Granite Hills High School what they would do if they had an opportunity to cheat on a test in order to get a much-needed good grade. We wanted to see if students at our school were as trustworthy as was expected. We believed that our results would be inaccurate if we asked students to write their names on the survey because it would be less honest. So, in order to get more honest results, we asked students to  answer anonymously the questions.

In the end, 73% of students said that they wouldn’t cheat, while 27% said that they would. Truthfully, I was surprised by these results. When I set out to do the survey, I expected there would be more people who would cheat in order to pass a class. I had a very pessimistic view of how the responses would go, and I underestimated the integrity of the student body. This was actually a nice surprise, because it showed that our students are more trustworthy than I originally thought, and also that they do want to see their scores reflect what they really deserve. Not only did they exhibit their respect for their teachers through not cheating, but they also displayed their self-respect through believing in themselves or accepting that they don’t know the content.

In conclusion, don’t cheat. You wouldn’t want to cheat yourselves into a fake grade. What if you were in a situation to where another student wanted to cheat off you? Would you let him/her cheat?  What if someone cheated off  your test without your knowledge? Would you be okay with that? Your answers are valuable to you and you shouldn’t let someone else take credit for your hard work.