New Teachers Join the Cougar Family!

Ms. Hong, Ms. Chaires, and Mr. Smallwood Are Excited to Join Our Teaching Staff!

Mr. Smallwood Shows Off His Demonstration Skills!


Mr. Smallwood Shows Off His Demonstration Skills!

Jacquelyn Northcutt and Kayla Powell

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When the 2014-2015 school year began, Granite Hills welcomed a few new teachers. With new additions to the World History and Science department, the staff still continues to grow. We at Journalism welcome Mr. Smallwood, Ms. Hong, and Ms. Chaires to our family here at Granite.

In room A201, Ms. Hong has taken on the role of Physical Science and Life Science instructor. She says that so far she feels very welcome here and she appreciates all of the support that has been given to her from the staff and students. She, as well as the rest of the school, are looking forward to the great years ahead here at Granite.

In room D504, Ms. Chaires teaches AP Psychology, General World History, and World History to those in the SCADA program. She has no complaints so far this year, and she loves her new group of students. To further show her appreciation for her students, she said, “They make this school. A school can be a building until it’s full of students and their energy and vibe. I really, really like my students. For the most part they’re friendly and they’re nice.” She’s looking forward most to watching her students succeed and watching them end the year on a positive note.

Another new teacher who joined us this year is Mr. Smallwood. With Mr. Smallwood also in our World History department, we can all agree that we’ll be learning vital subjects, such as World History for 10th graders and Economics and American Government for 12th graders, in a fun and interactive environment. When asked what his favorite part of this school is, he said, “First of all, there’s the students. Maybe I’m the luckiest guy on earth, because some days, I feel that way. I have a great group of students. They’re very respectful, and most of them do their very best. Second is the staff. They have really helped me, the ‘newbie’. The new teachers get a lot of assistance.”

So once again, welcome to all the new teachers here at Granite! We hope you love this school as much as we do!