Ask Key Club How They Feel!


Cassidy Womack


Last week, we interviewed Key Club President, Kaori Kuroda to find out all there is to know about Key Club. When asked to explain Key Club, she said, “ We are a community service club where we help organizations, other schools, and community events. Our goal is to raise awareness, raise money, and better the world.” She encourages new members to join the club, especially freshmen and upperclassmen that want to help the community. Not only is the club a great opportunity to be active in your community, it also is a great place to meet new friends. Everyone in Key Club is warm and welcoming, which makes the transition of new members into the club smooth and effortless.

The main concern of most students is whether or not they can handle the pressure of a club and schoolwork, so in order to alleviate these concerns, we asked Kaori how she manages to run the club and keep up with her schoolwork. She replied, “I make sure to stay organized and have learned to manage my time well.” Key Club is every Tuesday after school in Mr. Yoo’s classroom A113. We asked Kaori and previous President Aliyah Arunasalam, who is now Senior Advisor, what advice they would give to Freshmen at this school and Kaori replied, “Get involved in school activities such as clubs and sports. Staying involved is good for colleges and our community so I recommend it.” Aliyah said, “Be true to yourself. What’s good for everyone does not have to be good for you, and they are no better than you are for it.”

In further Key Club News, several events are coming up in the next couple of months. On September 6, Key Club is having a street clean up on Central and on September 13, they will have a car wash at Johnny D’s. For more details and sign up sheets, you can either talk to Kaori, or the other club representatives in the photo, you can also go to the meetings after school.