Disney Prepares for Opening, Whenever That Is Allowed

When Will the Magic Kingdom Reopen?


Olivia Sinkevitch

During these extraordinary times of COVID-19, many people would not use the word “happy” to describe their surrounding environments. Despite this, the “happiest place on Earth”, Disneyland, is said to begin reopening and has released statements regarding the park’s safety and sanitary plans. 

After closing down the parks during March of this year, acting as one of the only times the park has closed and the park’s longest closure, many Disney lovers have spent time during quarantine missing their fun family getaways at the Anaheim theme park. The park longs to accept guests as soon as possible; however, those in charge of the park’s reopening have worked hard to emphasize the importance of social distancing, wearing masks, and listening to the advice of CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) professionals.

According to an announcement released in the Disneyland Park app, it is required for “guests ages 2 and older” to wear face coverings while in the park. Disney also made sure to underline where and how exactly social distancing rules will be intertwined in the park, stating distancing in the park will include, “physically-distanced queues and seating” as well as “physical barriers” around areas which would normally contain guests standing close. 

Disneyland officials seem to be confident in their ability to reopen the park, with Chief Operating Officer, Jim MacPhee, stating Disneyland parks have been ready to open since July, but he also said the plan was not achievable at the time. While there is no existing or situated date for reopen, Disneyland workers are actively preparing for that date and awaiting the approval of our state leaders and health professionals.

We miss Disneyland.