Healthy School Lunches


Ariana Barron, Writer

The standard American diet is deeply scruitnized for its unhealthy characteristics. However, in recent years the standard american school lunch has been under fire for its lack in nutritional content. Members in Washington are constantly changing the standards schools must uphold. As of last year, the Trump administration weakened the restrictions set by the Obama administration had set in place. It is believed that Trump’s new nutrition plan provides less healthy lunches for students, but does this mean that they are only offered cheeseburgers?

I decided I’d like to speak with a few students to see their opinion on the meals offered to them at  Granite Hills. When asked the question, “Do you believe the school lunch is healthy?” the responses were not all that good. Student’s believe that items on the menu are too greasy. One anonymous student responded by saying,”The school lunches are trying too hard to reform themselves to something healthier, but they would still be considered unhealthy. We eat the same thing 5 days a week. All of it containing an unhealthy amount of carbs, they are heated up under heat lamps and come frozen.”

However, when asked, “Do school lunches offer healthy options?, students had a different reaction. Students stated that there are healthy options available, but not in large quantities. Based on student responses, it is a personal choice to eat the more considerably healthy options available.

I took a look at the sample meal plan provided by the district, and what I found was quite a few healthy options surrounded by unhealthy options.  The district keeps a standard format; An entree, 2 servings of fruit, 2 servings of veggies, and a milk. There are a different eras of entrees available, each varying nutritional. The key to creating a healthy lunch is picking and choosing the healthiest whole foods and avoiding processed items. For an entree, choose a salad versus a slice of pizza. For vegetables, choose Edamame, broccoli, or carrots. When picking your fruit, avoid juices because they tend to be high in sugar, and avoid the sugar coated raisins. Try and pick only whole fruits.

By choosing whole foods offered at lunch there is no need to worry about an unhealthy lunch!