Haunted California- Paranormal Tourist Sites

Haunted California- Paranormal Tourist Sites

Abigail Williams, Travel Writer

California has been populated by different cultures throughout its long period of time. From the time the Native Americans raced throughout the woods trying to find berries to the time the white man found gold in the rivers, California has been known for its beauty and vast resources. Today California is known all over the world for its production in movies and it’s beautiful oceans that stretch on forever. The long history California has it also contains the most haunted places known to man.

Linda Vista hospital in Los Angeles is one of the most well-known haunted hospitals in the United States. The hospital was built in 1904 and then was closed in 1991 due to the failure of properly treating patients who suffered from gunshot wounds and stabbings from local gangs. The hospital was reopened in 2011 it reopened as a Linda Vista Senior Apartments which offers 97 rooms for the brave senior citizens who stay here. Throughout the years before the hospital became apartments  the site has become popular for paranormal investigation. Some have reported that there are still patients who linger throughout the halls waiting to be discharged from the hospital, unfortunately they never were. Other report that they have seen doctors with charts in their hands walking down the hallway never to be released from their work shift. Today, the residents of the apartments claim they have seen ghostly figures, but it has occurred often enough that they aren’t bothered any more by the afterlife presence. Though the past life may roam throughout the halls the apartments are only apartment and aren’t open to the public to go explore.

The East 8 Mile Road in Stockton, California claims to be haunted by an old woman in a tattered white dress whom stands on th side of the road at night. Throughout the long nights of driving multiple truck drivers have reported seeing a woman in a dress walking or standing along the edge of the road. Her spirit isn’t the only one that roams around the road, there is also a Native American girl who was brutally killed in an accident near the road many years ago. On a full night those who live on the East 8 Mile Road listen to her terrible screams that echo throughout the night. Is this girl trying to tell us of her last night alive? Are these screams in agony of staying here? We may never find the answers to why she screams. For those who love to explore the paranormal activity side of things  this would be a perfect road to take a drive down in the middle of night.

The Winchester House is the most known haunted place in the world. The house is in San Jose, California and is open for tours most of the year. The large mansion was built by a widow lady who had inherited so much money she let the voices in her head take control of the construction of the house. She obtained this large inheritance because her late husband was the owner of Winchester Rifles. After her husband passed away she went to a Medium to help her deal with the sudden death of her husband. The Medium told her that those who were killed by the Winchester Rifles would haunt her and soon kill her. Therefore Sarah Winchester moved to California and began to build a house to confuse the ghosts that haunted her. The house is one of the most baffled built with staircases going up to nowhere and doors that open open to a wall. The widow was so determined to build the house that it led to her death. Throughout the years many have seen ghost figures that move or walk throughout the large mansion. The most commonly known ghost can be found in the ballroom either “fixing” the fireplace or pushing a wheelbarrow. This ghost is to be believed to be a handyman who apparently still can’t finish working on the house. Another spirit is not only the old Widow herself who had passed away in the house while she was sleeping. She can be found walking throughout the halls or standing in her bedroom. There are other reports of ghost encounters, but it is more common to find the construction worker in the ballroom and Sarah Winchester. The Winchester House is open and welcomes the public to take tours and determine for themselves whether the WInchester House is haunted or not.

Mission San Miguel Arcangel was the sixteenth mission in California that opened up in 1797. The mission was built to lead and “colonize” the natives that lived in the area. After the Mexican Secularization act of 1833 the mission was sold to William Reed and his family. By this time the gold rush became a popular thing therefore William Reed had the great idea of opening the mission to the public and making it and Inn for anyone to stay at. William  Reed become a well-known man around the parts. He soon began to boast about how much money he had and that he had buried it somewhere in the land. A few criminals were determined to find the gold and murdered everyone that was on the property so that they could steal Mr. Reed’s wealth. The criminals didn’t find the gold and in fact were caught and put to death for their terrible actions. The mission was returned to the catholic church in 1859. The church was reactivated the old mission and the priests began to live there again. The Mission was named a National HIstoric Landmark in 2006 and is open to the public. Throughout the years visitors have seen two ghostly figures who many claim to be the past William Reed and his wife. William Reed whispers and stares through the church’s windows, but has no harm. His wife or the lady in white likes to walk throughout the land as if she still owned the land. At night time that’s when the past begins to really comes back to life. Those who are brave enough have ventured up to the mission and have come face to face with a red figure with horns that seems to be from a different world. Then on their way home they begin to feel physically ill and then a few days later a close family member would be involved in a tragedy.  For those of you who are brave to go to the San Miguel mission I suggest and wish no one would visit the mission at night.

At Long Beach an retired ocean liner that was once a ship for a luxurious transportation to England and then served as a transportation ship for the wounded soldiers during WWII. After WWII the hip returned to transporting passengers to America and England. In 1967 the ship took its last voyage and then retired. It sits in the waters of Long Beach and was refurbished into a hotel. The ship has had a few reported deaths in it’s long sailing years. One being very famous about a young man who was crushed to death by one of the engine room doors that came down during an emergency. Throughout the years tourists have reported laughs form children, but when they looked around them there were no children to be found. The whole boat is haunted by spirits who want to cling to the boat and remember the joys of being on the famous cruiser. There are paranormal tours available for the brave who want to encounter the spirits.

Are you brave enough to go visit these so claimed paranormal sites? These spirits are clinging to the past either coming back to relive their best memory or are stuck there trying to get revenge.