New Year’s Resolutions: Meaningful Resolutions In, Empty Resolutions Out

New Years Resolutions: Meaningful Resolutions In, Empty Resolutions Out

Jiseon Kim, Writer

The dawn of a new year evokes feelings of hope, happiness, or fear arise as the past is left behind. This imaginary beginning calls for time to reset and start over, where people can seize the opportunity to make changes in their life to grow and be better.

Consequently, resolutions are made. Whether it isto shed ten pounds by going to the gym everyday after work, to be more patient and kind, or to be a better partner, what matters is this tiny spark that gives people hope and allows them to move on. So, society clicks the reset button.

This illusion of a new beginning comes with its drawbacks, however. As society increasingly depends on social media as a means to communicate opinions, beliefs, stories of struggles, to laugh, or be inspired, the undulation of trends, memes, and beliefs influences people. Today, society is at the point where it is no longer about clicking the reset button to make resolutions that enhance growth. Rather, people make these resolutions while fully aware of the futility in making them in the first place. The act of making resolutions has lost its meaning.

In the long run, this is a detriment to an individual’s growth because they are empty resolutions. Society sets people up for failure by publicizing the act of making New Year’s resolutions through memes that humorously depict people who make the decision to cut off sweets, only to be lured back into it in the next few days as they pass by a bakery. Clearly, there is a flaw in when most resolutions are made.The solution to this issue is to completely discard the default reaction within the overwhelming majority of society to make these empty resolutions, whether it is at the beginning of the year or in the middle of August.

There should be some kind of impetus that brings about the decision to make a resolution that enriches them in the long run. That is how society as a whole can head towards a better path. The healthier and more fulfilling one.