An Improvement for Apple Valley

An Improvement for Apple Valley

Anyia Robertson, Writer

To begin with, Apple Valley itself is a pretty stable and silent community. As a person who has moved around a lot, I can say that Apple Valley is one of the best places I’ve settled in, as well as the easiest to do so. It’s a small community, so getting to know people was not hard and by the time I had been here a week, I had gotten around fairly easily. However, something that has not gotten around easily is me, myself. By that I mean I can not get around where I need to go, transportation wise.

   Coming from Nebraska to Apple Valley was a drastic change for me in this area, because I was so used to bike and runner friendly neighborhoods. The bike lines are either non existent, or they only lead halfway somewhere and I have to go on a dirt road to complete my journey. In addition to this, Apple Valley has the darkest streets I have ever seen. Perhaps this is a High Desert thing in itself, but whether I’m up at 5 in the morning or 7 in the evening, biking and running are cancelled activities, due to the high non-visibility.

   Even for driving the visibility is low, which can be very dangerous, especially for people who are new to the road. It all causes a trickle effect. Since it is hard to see for the bikers and runners, ultimately it narrows down to it being hard for the drivers to notice them. Ultimately,the darkness can be creating a recipe for disaster. Some of the fault, however can go to the pedestrians, since about 90% of the time they aren’t wearing reflective vests.

  Conclusively, I can say that adding more bike lanes and streetlights will not only make the community more safer, but more connected as well. New ways of getting to where you need to go is not only going to help with convenience, but it can overall just boost the neighborhood morale.