Welcome Back GHHS!


Abigail Williams, Writer

Welcome back to school to Cougars. This year we welcome our Class of 2021 and we start preparing our Class of 2018 for graduation. As we begin to roll into the new school year, it seems like a relief because of a new schedule and the chance to meet new friends.

With the new freshman and new students, let’s show them our true colors of maroon and grey through compassion and respect. A neat way to encourage Cougars to show compassion is our new program, PBIS.  A teacher or school administrator who sees that you did a good deed will hand you a slip, and you can submit the paper into a box. The box is like a raffle and the paper that is chosen gets a prize, such as a free ticket to a football game. The new program is a great way to encourage us to do good deeds.

Another new program or way to improve our school are the hall passes. The new method is to prevent students from ditching class and is color coded for certain sections of the school campus to prevent students from wandering about. This is a nice method to use throughout the school year to keep students in class. So make sure you are where you are meant to be.  

Also for those of you who are officers or presidents of clubs you need to go to the Student Store to  get a table for Club Rush which is to happen on August 25th. Club Rush is to happen during lunch, and this is to advertise the different club that students may join. There are all different type of clubs that you can join uch as Welcoming Club, Key Club, and Gay Pride Club. So make sure you sign up for a club.

This new school year we are given yet another chance to become a better person. Your high school years go by quickly,  so make sure this year you aim to do well in school. Last but not least, welcome back Cougars!