What Is It Like To Be In An Interracial Relationship?

What Is It Like To Be In An Interracial Relationship?

Anyia Robinson, Writer

Interracial dating, according to Encyclopedia.com, is “the term used to describe relationships that take place between people who are from different racial or ethnic groups.” Now just to make things clear, this is not the same as “Intercultural dating”, which is focused more on the cultural backgrounds of the partners. As for interracial dating, there are substantial increases in the number of individuals engaging in interracial or intercultural marriages. However, even though the number and societal acceptance of interracial marriages is growing, little has been written about these marriages, the reasons for their increase, or their strengths and liabilities, and personal experiences.

Personally, being in an interracial relationship is like being under a societal microscope. You’re constantly badgered with questions like, “So what’s it like?”; “Is it better than dating a *insert person of own race* person?”;  “How do your parents feel about it?”;  “Do your parents know?” ; “ What do you think your kids are going to look like?”;  “What’s wrong with dating *insert person of own race* people?” I could go on and on with the list, but these are just to name a few. First of all, being in an interracial relationship doesn’t necessarily mean that you have “given up” on your race, or that you think less of yourself. If you like someone, and they feel the same about you, and it makes you happy, why should it matter what the color of their skin is?

 In addition to the multiple questions I’m asked, there’s the nonverbal aspect of it, which is the staring. Perhaps people stare because they do not understand, or because they are curious? Either way it’s really disturbing, and makes me extremely self-conscious. There have been instances where my partner and I have been treated very rudely or just in general differently while going out on dates or just being out in general. Not to say that race has to do with it but, if the shoe fits…

Now, not all about being in an interracial relationship is necessarily bad. There are just some instances where your opinion is not needed or wanted. Moreso, the opinion that my relationship is the “key to ending racism”, is pretty far fetched. People who are in these type of relationships are for the most part, not in it for political reasons. Just because our partner happens to be a different race, this does not mean it was our intention to pursue that trait.