Cheerleading Is Better Than Ever!


Katrena Faddis, Writer

Cheerleading is a sport that doesn’t usually get much credit. Media has chosen to portray cheerleaders in a stereotype that doesn’t allow many person’s idea to change, resulting in many seeing these athletes as ditzy or dumb. This year our varsity cheerleader captains, Ariana Barron (11th) and Samantha Beavers (12th), have decided that this year is the year for a change! These girls weren’t picked because they were beautiful, or even because they had been on the team the longest; they first volunteered to be considered and their Coach Jennifer Hunt and choreographer, Granite Hills alumna Daylon Lonian, choose them from their dedication and effort they put into the team. Captain Ariana Barron states “This year I want my cheerleaders to be good examples, I want them to break stereotypes and I want them to bring happiness to the campus.”  

Our cheerleaders, varsity and junior  varsity, spend a good majority of the summer working out and getting ready for the new season. They are often found at Pacific Coast Magic, using their larger gym and useful mats to work on new dances and cheers to use during games and the pep rallies our school has spread out through the year. Every week they practice at least two days anywhere from two to four hours, sometimes even stretching to six hours. They work hard to ensure their jumps and moves are all sharp and pleasing to the eye so that the students are enjoying what they see.

“The best part of the cheer team this year is the Cougar spirit and the comeradery”, said Coach Hunt, who wishes for the girls to no longer be denied opportunities because they don’t have proper funding. They have already gotten started on fundraising for vans and busses so they can get to every game and every competition. Previously they didn’t have the funding, but as of right now the girls have secured the ability to ride the bus to away games, and this allows them to support our teams at every game to help keeps the spirits up at every game. Last year our school’s competition team ended at the top of their game, being given first and second place in most of their competitions due to their dedication and we all want to keep that going!

Samantha Beavers, captain, shares “We are an amazing team! Not because we can throw a hundred pound girl in the air or because we can do a few flips, but because we care about this school. We care about the games, the people and the family that Granite Hills creates.”  Samantha Beavers joined the team her sophomore year and was easily picked out as talented. She was excited to be there and do what was asked of her and that is the example she wants the girls to see and replicate when she graduates this year. Captain Ariana Barron wants to get support out to the football, basketball, and all the other sports our school has, she wishes to get the student body involved with what is going on at the campus.

Our cheerleaders have stated for years that games are the best part of being a cheerleader, because winning or losing doesn’t matter; it’s being there with the music and the excitement, and they all hope you come out to experience the thrill of the lights at least once in your short time at our school.