“Everything Everything” Review

“Everything Everything” Review

Loyal Butler, Writer

As you read in the article “What is it like to be in an interracial relationship?” the movie Everything Everything shares some similarities and can relate to the title. Now, even though movie was made to educate viewers on interracial dating, it still received criticism and racists comments. For an example one critic of the movie said, “I really wish Hollywood would stop with this annoying trend.” The fact that he basically called interracial relationships a “trend” is offensive to interracial relationships itself. Personally, as a black female with a different race boyfriend, I know gets tough at times. Not to discourage anyone or their beliefs, and please don’t take it the wrong way,  but I’m just simply stating my very own personal opinion and experience.

The movie Everything Everything is a romance movie about a 17 year old African-American female who is soon to be 18. The young actress whose name is Amandla Stenberg, and she plays the role of “Maddy”. Maddy is very smart, and she is a curious teenager. She’s not able to ever leave her house due to a sickness that her mom has told her she is diagnosed with. Keep in mind that she has never seen, heard or felt any part of the outside world. People are not allowed in her house and she’s not allowed out.

Now here’s where the romance part comes in, because soon before her 18th birthday, a new neighbor moves in next door. The friendly neighbor, whose legal name is Nick Robinson, plays the role as Olly. Soon after they finally meet through their bedroom windows, they discover they could not keep away from each other.

Breaking all of her mother’s rules, she soon set out of the house and got into a interracial relationship with Olly. They left town and went out of town to the beach. Soon Maddy grew sick and ended up in the hospital. Of course, Olly and Maddy ended up falling in love and grew inseparable. Eventually Maddy found out that she didn’t have a sickness after all. Her mother only told her that due to the fact that she had lost her son and husband from two totally different causes. Eventually, Maddy ventured out into the world on her own and reunited with Olly, and they all lived happily ever after.