Letters to Mr. McCall

Letters to Mr. McCall

Madison Nash

    This year Mrs. Porraz is doing a ‘Letter to the Principal, assignment with her junior classes.    This project is basically what it sounds like. It’s a letter to the principal, that contains a complaint, or  an issue that the writer feels should be addressed, or fixed.

    I was lucky enough to be able to participate in this project. Some people chose to talk about the dress code, or the lack of school spirit. The arguments and statements for this were “If boys can have their shoulders exposed, why can’t we?” And “I school would be much more enjoyable, if we could have more school spirit.”

   The letters were supposed to be formatted like a business letter, including, name, address, and business email, as well as the contents of the letter.

   The contents of the letter addresses a problem that you noticed or had with the school, something fixable, like the lack of funding to the fine arts, or the cafeteria food. Then you continued on on how this problem could be fixed, and state any solutions you may have had.

    The purpose of the letter was to give an idea to what Mr. McCall should talk about at a coming up town hall meeting with students.

    After writing the letter and turning it in, Mr McCall is going to talk to the Junior classes this Wednesday. This will be the time to tell Mr. McCall the issues that you noticed needed to be fixed.

    Hopefully, the issues you are having, the juniors will address. This is an exciting time to get to voice student opinions!