GHHS Chess Club Tournament

GHHS Chess Club Tournament

Lamont Williams, Writer

On Wednesday, November 2nd, the chess club had a tournament against another school named AAE (Academy for Academic Excellence). Everybody did well against them. But if everybody doesn’t know how to play chess, here’s a few lessons on how you play it.

The way you play is by you need to take away someone’s king by putting it into checkmate. Checkmate means the king can’t go anywhere. The queen is the most powerful for it goes diagonal, back and forth, and up and down. And the two pieces that equal the queen are the bishop(which goes diagonal) and the rook (which goes back, forth, up and down). There’s the pawn that goes up one or two spaces during the first move, but after it’s only once. And the knight which I think is second best, because, it moves in an L shape, and it’s the only piece that can jump over pieces.

I did beat their number one player twice and our other players did win. Even Mr. Mehta got to play against the other the teacher and he won. Overall the score was 18-2. The secretary Kevin Glendinning easily kept defeatedhis opponent. Before AAE came, we were practicing for at least about two hours before they actually arrived, and that helped us to play better.

I think it’s the best tournament we had and everybody had fun. Plus chess is the Ultimate mind game; if you want to join the club, we meet Thursday after school in the Family Center.