Lakers Season Preview

Lamont Williams

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The question is asked, “How will Lakers do this year?” The answer is they will regain their strength after losing Kobe Bryant during their last season.

So now during their off season they got some veterans who could help them. They acquired Timofey Mozgov, Luol Deng, and Lou Williams. And during their preseason they went two and five, so they did at least well enough without Kobe Bryant. But they have gone into the regular season so far right now as 1-3, though they are actually trying to do their best right now. 

The Lakers won their first home opener against the Houston Rockets who had some good players like All-Star players James Harden and Eric Gordon, who came from the trade of New Orleans Pelicans. The score was 120-114. Then they went against the Utah Jazz and lost by only 7(96-89). They were going hard and doing well until George Hill from the Utah Jazz took over the game.

And on Sunday they went against a good team this year, the Oklahoma City Thunder, and lost badly to that team. The Thunder were doing too many lobs and fast break points on them. Plus they did this without their good former player, Kevin Durant(who went to the Warriors). The score was 113-96.

Last night on Tuesday night, they lost to the Indiana Pacers. The score was 115-108. The game was close until the Pacers’ Paul George made the last 12 points to boost the Pacers to their win. But the Pacers have good players like Al Jefferson, Monta Ellis, and Jeff Teague. So the Lakers aren’t far from going back to the playoffs. Students’ predictions say they will go back to the playoffs, but in a few years.