Clown Sightings

Clown Sightings

Jenna Goodlet Romero, Writer



Killer clowns, something that some horror writer decided to take everyday circus actors dressed up to bring enjoy to children into something out of a nightmare. Since we hear the phase killer clowns, any normal person will get the at least bit scared. But recent sightings by both children and parents, show that these clown horror movies might turn into a living reality.

For people with the clown phobiz, Coulrophobia, this nationwide phenomenon is quite terrorizing thing to think about. If you have this phobia and are reading this, I would still like you to continue reading so you have a heads up and aren’t one of these victims.

Lucky, for California, we have few sightings. Still, stay clear of any large area of trees or train tracks. Especially, both of those. These killer clowns have been sighted most often by or in forest areas and train tracks. The police have already made two arrests for these clowns who terrorize a family. However, there are still may of these clown sighting and 911 calls about these clowns.

Some people are asking, “Is this serious or just a sick joke?” Which is a good question. Maybe a ‘Merry Band’ of people sick in the head, decided since it Halloween, to go scare and in today’s case; kill and terrorize family. So naturally with Halloween around the corner, most think it will only get worse.

Many of the reports were just the clowns trying to lure kids into forests. A lot of these reports are coming from South and North Carolina.

Ohio’s schools were closed September, Friday 30th because a guy dressed like a clown attacked a woman, according the Reading Community City School District. When she gave her report to the local police, she said that the clown made threats against students in the Ohio area. So for the safety of the students and the concerned parents and guardians, they closed the schools since no arrests were made.

Schools of nearby areas where clowns have been sighted are taking these attacks and threats seriously as well as the police. This trend for kidnappers, robbers and shooters are using it as a thing.

So this nationwide event is being taken very seriously by the police and school boards across the United States. The clown trend continues to spread throughout the United States even now. The police and possibly the government is trying to stop this trend before it gets too much out of hand than it already is. Granite Hills has made it clear that we will not tolerate any stupidity by a person dressed as a clown.