Behind the Mask #1

A short series by J G-R

Behind the Mask #1

Jenna Goodlet Romero

Behind our mask, there is our secret. The side no one expects. The part that should never be shown no matter what. Proxies, Slenderman, Vampires, Dire Wolves and Werewolves. I could go on and on. There are so many species and myths that are simply amazing. So why not create a series about made up characters that happen to be these myths called Behind the Mask. So enjoy this series.

The flames moved from side to side. Warming the people around it in the cool summer breeze. It was very late, around midnight possibly. They were just teenagers, in the woods having a good time, without knowledge of one of the teenagers among them being a proxy of Slenderman or more commonly known as Tall Man. Still, they all did the stupid things most teenagers do before telling campfire stories. They did not have a clue that Heather, the new girl was one of Slenderman’s proxies.

As the flames swaged from side to side, they lit up the face of Nyx. The other new kid, with another secret as big as Heather’s. Just as Nyx was about to tell a story, Heather stands up hesitantly, ¨I have to go do something.¨ She said before walking off. Nyx watched her as she left, knowing something was wrong. Despite the odd feeling, Nyx continued his story without a second thought. Until of course, he sensed blood, a lot of it. Being the vampire he was, he couldn’t ignore it. Everyone looked at him, confused on why he had stopped his story. Nyx looked around, his eyes starting to change from their normal piercing blue color to a glowing red. His vampire fangs grew in as he kept looking away to try to make them not see what he was. ¨You guys should go.¨ Nyx said which only caused them to be more confused.