Lesser-known August Holidays

Lesser-known August Holidays

Angelina Fowler, Writer

 When you think of August, you most likely think about a month filled with sweltering days and of course, going back to school. What could there possibly be to celebrate? If you look at the calendar, there are no holidays. That is, public holidays. In actuality, every day comes with something to celebrate. Some are more well-known than others, but there’s probably a holiday in August to meet your interests.

 One day that you may have heard of is August 8, National Best Friend Day. It’s a day to celebrate friendships across differences, or even just those in your family.This holiday has actually been celebrated in Southern American countries for years, but as of late has been gaining more recognition in the United States, especially on social media where many people post pictures with their best friends. People in Paraguay often play a game called Invisible Friend, which is a lot like Secret Santa in the sense of secretly giving a present to the person whose name they drew from a pile. In Argentina, the day has over the years become a mass phenomenon, mobile networks actually breaking down in the past because of the amount of texts and calls being sent.

Founded by animal advocate Colleen Paige to bring attention to the millions of dogs in need of adoption, National Dog Day has been held annually on August 26 since 2004. Quite a few shelters offer free adoptions on this day, and if you don’t want a dog, you can donate food or other consistently needed items to virtually any shelter. Many donation drives are often held as well if you don’t have a local shelter. Other establishments are temporarily turning their grounds into dog parks for those who already own dogs to show some appreciation to their beloved pets, or giving away free items to owners.

If you care more about eating than friends and pets, don’t worry because there are days dedicated to food as well. National S’mores day is on the 10th, dedicated to the popular recipe first published in the Girl Scout handbook in 1927. And this year, a S’mores-inspired Girl Scout cookie was added to their line of popular treats. Similar is Toasted Marshmallow Day on the 30th. On the 19th is National Potato Day, a great excuse to eat fries. On the other hand is August 29, More Herbs Less Salt Day, a day to reassess all the salt in those fries and your health in general.

More serious holidays include Senior Citizens Day, which is observed on August 21. It’s a day to recognize the contributions that senior citizens make in their communities. Events are hosted in homes for the elderly, but anyone can show their appreciation with a simple statement or card. Women’s Equality Day is on the 26th, the same day the 19th Amendment to the Constitution became law and allowed women to vote in 1920. It is proclaimed annually by the President of the UnIted States. Public facilities such as museums and libraries often hold special programs to commemorate this day, and local events are held to raise money for programs supporting women’s and girls’ leadership initiatives.