What Music Is Preferred by GHHS Students?

Ricky Currier, Writer

Produced music these days is not the same as produced music one-hundred years ago. You don’t see people walking around these days with Beethoven blasting in their eardrums. You usually see people walking around with Eminem and Dr.Dre ext, blasting in their ears. Students attending Granite Hills High School voted 90% that they modern day rap/ modern day rock. Most students prefer music while they study. Some claim it helps them concentrate. Some music may get you pumped up and ready to go. Other music may get you relaxed and ready to nap. Scientists here are studying the art of music and how it raises and or lowers your heart rate.  

I interviewed many freshmen at Granite Hills High School about what music they listen to and what their mom and dad listen to as well. Most parents of the freshman class listen to classic rock and or disco, maybe even some soft rock or romantic love songs. I even got some stories about how their parents met.

Some kids, still in elementary, listen to music high school students listen too. Scientists were working on a case about music affecting the child’s brain. If they were raised in the modern rap era, then they shall listen to modern rap. It all depends on what era you were raised in. Adults that were raised in modern rock era most likely listen to modern rock. Some scientists claim that kids can be influenced by the music they listen to. Students find themselves saying and or doing what the song says either because they have no clue on what it is or they do it for the wrong people to like them, obviously in hopes that the other kids will like them. It seems one’s music preferences reflect when your generation.