LGBT Bathrooms for Schools


Remedies Jackson, Writer

There has been a lot of talk on the news and websites online, about transgender, gay, bisexual, and lesbian people should be able to use whatever restroom they would like for whatever gender they would like to be or are. The same should go for students in K-12 schools, because not only high school kids but students in general should be able to feel comfortable, wherever they go, to use the restroom without being thrown out or judged for being in the women’s or men’s.

There are some mainstream lawyers who want to put a stop to it, and though they have some good points as to why it would be violating privacy rights, that still means nothing compared to the discrimination that can clearly be shown. Which I feel outweighs all other reasons to at least have same sex restrooms.

“We welcome this sensible and very important decision that promotes fairness and dignity for all students, by holding that a trans student who was denied access to a restroom has a valid Title IX claim” of illegal discrimination,” said a statement from the National Center for Transgender Equality. This statement is very important because fairness, acceptance, dignity, everyone in this world is the same but different in their own way and should not have to deal with so much backlash from the public that doesn’t understand and doesn’t care to understand. That also can be labeled as bullying and the public stresses that a lot.

Judging LGBT members is a sign of bullying and is not cool at all. For more information about what happend in the trials visit