Street Racing Is a Selfish and Deadly Choice

Street Racing Is a Selfish and Deadly Choice

Remedies Jackson, Writer

Street racing is a danger to everyone, because not only can you hurt or kill yourself, but you can also hurt or kill someone else.

Last weekend there was a massive car crash on the 5 freeway, involving a 35-year-old man by the name of  Dealio Lockhart. He  was charged with three counts of murder. As Lockhart and the other culprit raced, the other person lost control of the car and crashed into a UPS truck, which flew in the air, crashed the divider into traffic and crashed into a Nissan, taking its top of, and then running into a red Ford Explorer.  

Two passengers in the Nissan — Brian Lewandowski, who was 18, and Michelle Littlefield, who was 19, were killed. The driver of the UPS truck, Mr. Scott Treadway, 52, also died. Four others, including two people riding in the Nissan, were injured. They have asked that their identity not be released to the media at this time.

Officers are still looking for the Dodge Charger driver. Mr. Lockhart has said that he was indeed racing, sp his bail is set at $3.2 million, and if he is convicted, he is said to get life in a state prison. He is being charged with three counts of second-degree murder, and four counts of reckless driving casing a bad accident.  

The freeway was shut down for nearly an entire day in both directions between Washington Boulevard and the 710 Freeway as crews cleaned up the scene and detectives investigated.

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