Pedestrian Dangers

Pedestrian Dangers

Madison Nash, Editor

Jaywalking is a huge problem here in Apple Valley and in many other places. Jaywalking is when you walk across any street without using a cross walk. We do not have enough crosswalks in our town.

Recently, a 14 year old freshman from Apple Valley High was jaywalking across Bear Valley Road when an SUV hit him. The light the SUV was on was green. However, it was dark outside, and an accident occurred. Despite officers’ and paramedics’ best efforts, tragically, the boy died. Sadly, this is one of the many cases of death involving jaywalking, including several in Apple Valley.

Jaywalking is also a crime. It can be considered negligence on your part if you get injured while jaywalking and you can be fined 40$.

But some of us, including myself, have to jaywalk. I have to jaywalk through a highway when I need to get home sometimes because, there’s no crosswalk nearby, and there is no other choice. Or when I need to reach the bus in the morning. Apple Valley needs to have more crosswalks. Most of our intersections do not have crosswalks. We need more pedestrian safety.

However, sometimes people need to be careful where they do it. If you’re lazy, and there’s a crosswalk that you don’t want to walk through, or you’re not paying attention, a serious situation can result. Pedestrians need to be careful at all times.

However drivers also need to be careful, even though they shouldn’t technically have to watch for pedestrians, they should in case of jaywalkers, especially when it’s dark in the early mornings or at night. Night time or early morning are the highest chance of a person (hopefully not in dark clothing) can get hit. Our drivers are not used to seeing pedestrians, so we need to be even more careful.

If you attempt to jaywalk, walk fast/run, where bright clothing, and be very careful, because you could end up injured, or dead. The best solution is to use crosswalks or only to cross when it is totally safe. We encourage everyone to put safety first, whether you are a driver or a pedestrian.