Sport or Game?

Sport or Game?

Remedies Jackson, Writer

Over the years there has been many people who say that golf is not a sport. There are some pros and cons to golf when it comes to playing. There just so happens to be a lot of walking involved. When playing golf, you burn up to 713 calories within 2-2.5 miles of walking when you’re playing a 9-hole game, carrying your own clubs and equipment. Most people play 18 holes, which is 4-5 miles of walking.

Sports require coordinate muscle use, and while playing golf, you use up to 17 muscle groups in the coordinated movement of the hands, wrists, arms, abdomen, and legs, according to a study in the BMJ (British Medical Journal). These are all facts which support the position that golf is a sport.

Some feel golf is a game, but not a sport. Unlike some other sports, golf is not a hard-core physical activity.You burn up to 360 calories per hour playing golf without a cart or caddie, which is far less than the number of calories burned per hour in competitive sports: 900 in soccer, and 727 in football, basketball, and tennis, all which are consist of more running and body contact.

Some say that golfers are not athletes, claiming golfers are usually overweight, old, or out of shape. It does not consist of any running, or jumping, or using any cardiovascular activities. They also claim that if a sport does not make you sweat, or you can still smoke and drink while playing, it’s not a sport. The fact that golf can be difficult and requires practice and skill to achieve proficiency does not mean it qualifies as a sport. Chess, and computer programming are difficult tasks that also require practice and mental preparation, but they are not sports either.

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