Winter Formal 2016


Ryan and Madison pose on the patio at Sunset Hills.

Madison Nash, Writer and Editor

This year, on January 29, 2016, Winter formal took place at  Sunset Hills. This year’s theme, picked by the sophomore class, was ‘Great Gatsby’ For those who do not know what that is, it was a movie/book that took place during the peak of the 1920’s.

In order to attend, you had to have bought a ticket and filled out a packet. The tickets were 25 dollars for those with an ASB card, 30 dollars for those without one, and 35 dollars for non-Cougars.

At the dance, you would need to have been dressed formally, had your name on the list, and have picture ID.

Upon entering the dance, you could see that the beautiful front room of Sunset Hills had a food set up at the end of the room, near the balcony, and a photo area for students to buy pictures.The hall was white and gold, and music could be heard from the dance hall.

Upon entering the dance hall, you viewed many tables and chairs were set up around the room. On the tables, were candy and glow sticks. Flashing lights, and dance music made the dance hall seem like a rave. Students showed up in beautiful formal gowns and suits, some even looking like flappers from the 1920’s.

The dance was fun, and amazing. It ran from 7PM to 11PM, and GHHS even raffled off prom tickets! Many students lingered in the dance hall, busting moves or stood and gossiped on the balcony.

Winter formal this year was a blast, and I hope anyone who attended had a great time like I did!