The Zika Virus

The Zika Virus

Madison Nash, Writer and Editor

The Zika Virus, usually caused by infected mosquitos, has caused panic for many expecting, or current mothers around South America, Mexico, Europe, and Brazil.

For those who don’t know about this strange disease, it is a virus spread by animals or bugs, infected with it. It has no cure and can cause rash, fever, joint pain, and red eyes. But recently it has been discovered that the virus has different effects when in contact with an infant or pregnant mother, it can and usually causes brain defects in the infant or unborn child, and paralysis in adults.

It is currently on a rampage all over the world. Doctors are even telling woman “Not to get pregnant!” In fear of infants contracting this disease.

Treatment is available, but the virus is incurable. The brain defects or damage caused by the virus isn’t reversible.

Doctors and scientists are struggling to contain and help prevent this virus. To help avoid getting this virus, try to avoid mosquitos, since contact with a infected mosquito usually results in getting the disease.

Other ways to prevent getting it, is to wear long sleeved pants and shirts, repeatedly spray insect repellent, dress your child in long-sleeved clothes, and avoid mosquito bites.

The virus thankfully only stays in the blood for a few weeks, and is usually slow spreading.

Many are currently working on a vaccine to help prevent even more problems that come with the virus.

I hope the vaccine ill be out soon and that we can help prevent any more infants from getting infected.