Choosing the Right Way of Eating

Choosing the Right Way of Eating

Remedies Jackson, Writer

As young adults we tend to catch bad eating habits as we go through life. Most people, when they are children, pick up eating junk food as a stress releaser or a way to cover their feelings, using it as comfort and safety

The start to a healthy diet as a teenager starts with making the right food choices, but as teens, some of us don’t choose the healthy food, and tend to choose things like hot cheetos and gummy worms.  “Balancing school, sports, social activities, and work presents a major challenge to eating healthy,” says Kendrin Sonneville, MS, RD, who specializes in teen nutrition at Children’s Hospital in Boston.

Making bad choices on a day to day basis may steer you to miss meals that help you to develop your body, like missing lunch or dinner. Calcium is very important to the human body, because it helps the development in our bones and the density of the bone also. Calcium is as important as ever during your teen years, you need to have at least 1,300 milligrams a day. Yet calcium consumption often drops off in teenagers as they replace milk with soft drinks. Research shows that 9th- and 10th-grade girls who drink soft drinks are three times as likely to suffer a bone fracture than those who do not drink them.

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