Lack of Diversity at the Oscars

Lack of Diversity at the Oscars

Madison Nash, Editor and Writer

The Oscars are taking place this year, on February 28, 2016.

Usually, most people are excited to see who’s going to be nominated and who’s winning what; however, this year, a lot of people are angered and upset by the nominees this year.

Some actors and actresses are actually boycotting the Oscars this year due to what seems like ‘lack of diversity’.

There are no African American, or Latino actors or actresses nominated this year. All nominees are Caucasian.

Actors like Spike Lee, Will Smith and his wife, and even George Clooney are boycotting the Oscars this year to apparent ‘racism’.

Some are even calling the Oscars and the current attendees ‘racist’. Penelope Ann Miller wasn’t happy about people calling attendees racist. She responded with: “I voted for a number of black performers, and I was sorry they weren’t nominated, “But to imply that this is because all of us are racists is extremely offensive. I don’t want to be lumped into a category of being a racist because I’m certainly not and because I support and benefit from the talent of black people in this business. It was just an incredibly competitive year”, she told THR.

Even writer Jeremy Larner was upset about the racism comments, saying: “I cannot prove the Academy or anyone else is not racist, I have voted for many people of color for awards.” He adds, “I happen to think Straight Outta Compton is not a great film for reasons of structure and substance. I can imagine it is a powerful affirmation for those who share the assumptions of its music and see it as fans. But to me, a good film has to show a lot more than this one does.”

Are the Oscars really racist, this isn’t the first time actors, actresses and the public have claimed ‘Lack of Diversity.” It’s been 54 years since a Latina has taken home an Oscar.

Maybe it was just a competitive year, like Penelope stated. Tons of good actors, actresses, and filmmakers have been competing for a spot.

Hopefully, next year’s Oscars will be a little different.