Sales of Junk Food at GHHS

Sales of Junk Food at GHHS

Madison Nash, Writer

About 2 weeks ago. Cougar Kitchen closed. Cougar Kitchen closed due to a law that passed that forbade Cougar Kitchen from selling, because, ‘it was competing with the cafeteria,” and “Banning the sales of junk food.”

Of course, students and staff weren’t too pleased with this. Cougar Kitchen, Bakery, and even teachers can no longer sell food on campus. Only the cafeteria, snack cart, and vending machines can sell food.

This isn’t the first time the USDA has placed laws or banned food sales. Earlier this year, the USDA banned all junk food sales in schools. No snacks exceeding 250 calories can be sold, and no entrees exceeding 350 calories can be sold.

The USDA said in a statement that “the new standards preserve flexibility for time-honored traditions like fundraisers and bake sales, and provide ample transition time for schools. USDA is committed to working closely with students, parents, school stakeholders and the food and beverage industries to implement the new guidelines, and make the healthy choice the easy choice for America’s young people.”-Washington Times

There were previous laws before as well:

In 2004, a law passed, prohibiting 2004, the sales of sugary drink (soda, etc;) and higher-fat milk to students in K-8th grade. In 2007, they set another law, setting limits on the calories, fat, and sugar that can be allowed in food sold at school.

However, cafeteria food actually contains more fat, calories, sodium, and all the things that make food be considered ‘Junk food’, than any other food sold at school- things like pizza, wet burritos, and anything containing cheese or dairy.

Students consume these calories on a daily basis. Some may argue “Oh well, they’re taking a fruit.”

Sadly, this isn’t true. Yes, we take fruits, but a lot of the time, it ends up on the ground, in the unwanted bin, or in the trash.

Kids tend to usually only eat the greasy, sugary foods, and throw away the other food.

Did the USDA really make a good choice closing down the kitchen? Some argue yes, however, I think the Kitchen isn’t the only place selling unhealthy, junk food, on campus.