High School Dating: Is It Worth It?

High School Dating: Is It Worth It?

Madison Nash, Writer

When you first enter high school, you are exposed to new things; New people, new environments, and for some of us, dating.

Dating in high school is an experience almost everyone experiences. It’s not uncommon to see around campus’s.

Is high school dating really something a student should be doing?

High school dating can be a bad thing.  A lot of kids aren’t really ready for a serious relationship, but tend to jump into them anyway and aren’t prepared for when it doesn’t work out.

Dating can also cause drama.

Drama is also common amongst high schoolers. However, dating and drama walk hand in hand.

What if your friends like the person you’re dating? Or if some boy/girl is flirting with your current gf/bf?

This can cause drama, and no one likes drama.

Drama has a tendency to find it’s way into relationships and ruin them. It doesn’t just ruin romantic relationships, but your relationships with your friends too.

Dating can also be a good thing as well.

Relationships can make you happy, or at least, for a little while. It also helps you become more social/experience when you’re out and about in the real world.

I asked some students about the pro’s/cons about high school dating:

A pro is that it may make you happy, at least, for a little while. Another pro is that it teaches you certain things about yourself, like a gender preference. A con is that is that you may get involved in an abusive relationship. Another con is that it causes a lot of drama and can break up friendships.” said one.

Kids also tend to rush into relationships. There are a lot of pressures in high school, and one pressure is the pressure to get into a relationship and have a boyfriend or girlfriend.

However, rushing into relationships isn’t good. Most kids these days don’t really know what romantic love is, and rush into relationships thinking they do.

High school dating might not be what it’s all cracked up to be. Sure it looks fine, but it might just be another overrated high schooler thing.