GH Homecoming


Madison Nash

   On October 3, 2015, Homecoming will took place here, at Granite Hills. The theme, announced at the Homecoming pep rally, was electronic dance.

  Tickets to this spectacular dance will be on sale starting September 28, to October 1st.  Tickets were 40 dollars without an ASB card, 45 dollars for a non-cougar, and 35 with an ASB card.

In order to get into homecoming at 7 PM, October 3, you had to be checked by security and bring your ID.

  After getting your wristband, proving you are supposed to be attending, you went through gold and blue streamers into what was once our bland Granite Hill’s gym.

The gym was unrecognizable, glow sticks scattered the room, tables covered in glitter sat on the edge of the covered dance floor, and a giant stage sat at the other side of the room.

 Music played as everyone gathered on the dance floor and were dancing.

 Food and water were located in gym two. If you weren’t on the dancefloor, you were outside eating and socializing.

 Homecoming this year was pretty amazing. With all the lights, dancing, and great music, everyone was having a blast.

  Homecoming King and Queen even attended, looking like true royalty.

  The dance started at 7:00PM and ended at 11:00. Most people stayed for the entire dance, and were exhausted when the dance ended.

  Besides just electronic dance music, the DJ played a few slow songs around 10:00 PM. Couples and friends made there way to the dance floor, and danced away to Ed Sheeran’s ‘Thinking out Loud’ and Sam Smith’s ‘Stay with Me’.

Homecoming 2015, was pretty amazing. My date and I had a great time, and so did most everyone else who attended this year’s, Homecoming dance.