School Vandalism

School Vandalism

Madison Nash

   School vandalism. It happens all the time, at every school, it even happens here at our own school. Recently we have had some incidents regarding homecoming posters. A fellow student thought it would be hilarious if he/she would tear down and destroy a candidate’s  homecoming posters. What that student didn’t know, is that the school caught his/her face on camera, and that student will be charged with vandalism.

  Vandalism isn’t something to joke about. It can be a serious offense.

  Vandalism can happen anywhere, especially at school. This happens to be the case for Sage Hills Elementary, who had a serious case just recently.

  On January 25th, 2015, two teenage boys broke into the school. The kids turned over desks, knocked over bookcases, and even stole kindle tablets from a portable. The boys left a countdown threat too, in black graffiti.

  Parents were terrified, and they refused to bring their children to school because of this.

  Eventually, the boys were caught. They were booked in a Juvenile Detention Center, and owed the school $4,200 in fees due to the damage they caused.

 Orange Glen High School also had a similar case. A 20 year old tree in the school’s yard had been chopped down. Orange spray paint was also found all over the school. This case, however, has been left a mystery, and police are offer up to $1,000 reward for anyone who knows anything about the case.

 It’s never a good idea to vandalise. Especially if someone put in hard work and effort on something as small as a poster. Vandalism is a crime, never just harmless fun. Think before you act, Cougars.