Let Them Help You!

Let Them Help You!

Remedies Jackson

There are a lot of teens nowadays that can’t take the stress of grades, family problems at home, or trying to go to college to do something with there life. Grades are a tough thing to balance, and some parents don’t understand that.

I’m here to tell you I am just like you. It’s hard to want help; however you feel like other people will judge you, or think that you’re stupid because you don’t know what the steps are. People won’t think that you’re incapable of doing things yourself; they just want to see you with your cap and gown on graduation day, ready to set yourself up for a better life.

While some may have troubles with school, others have problems at home that they feel like they can’t talk to anyone about. When you keep your feelings inside for a long time, It’s not healthy. You could lash out on the wrong people, or an adult that ask you about your personal life because they are truly concerned about you and how you are doing. Talk to someone, even if it’s just someone that is your close friend, or someone that you trust with anything. For seniors who are trying to go to a four-year college and are having a hard time getting accepted to the college that they have planning to go to their whole life, it gets easier. You may not want to hear it but there are hundreds of college out there for you to go to, You have been working almost your entire life to get to where you are today. You could get scholarships from anywhere for anything that you put your mind to, or something that you already did.

Don’t let your stress, or fear, win over your education, so that’s all for today! Maroon & Grey All The Way!!!