Counsel Yourself for Better Mental Health!


Remedies Jackson, Writer

   Some teens have a really hard time being themselves around other people because they think that they won’t be cool if they’re being who they truly are.

   It’s hard to think of ways to break out of your shell that hides your real self. One way to break out of that shell is to think of who you truly are under the surface of your skin; however, deep down inside think of things that you like to do with your free time, what are some of the foods that you yourself like to eat, or what are the things that you feel like you want to wear- not something that people think you should wear.

  Second, re-evaluate what you think is right in your life, rather than thinking of being a prom queen. You could be thinking about what college you want to go to, or if you rather just travel the world or see things and help people. Maybe you want to be a doctor who helps children in Africa, or the next famous scientist who helps discover a way for mankind to live on a different planet. You may never know so you have to think of your future because most parents won’t do it for you.

   Third, try to tell yourself every day that you matter to a lot of people, and there are tons of people who love and care for you, because there are. Out of the billions of people out in the world, there are thousands, even maybe millions who like, love, or care about your safety and well-being. Having insecurities is the worst thing a person can go through, because you never know who you can be yourself around, and you don’t trust anyone to be yourself.   But sooner or later you have to think about it, do you really want be the person thinks you are or do you want to be who you truly are beneath the surface.