The 2015 Barrel Game

AVHS won the game, but GHHS showed our continued growth in school spirit!


AVHS celebrated their win. We celebrate attending GHHS.

Madison Nash, Senior Editor

   Last Friday was the Barrel game, where Granite Hills and Apple battled it out in the Bass Stadium for the Barrel. Every Granite supporter who showed up, was pumped to see if Granite would take home the Barrel, and put Apple to shame.

 ASB was selling cheap T’s, hats, and cushions, as wells as snacks and everyone’s favorite; deep-fried Oreos. Tickets were seven dollars without an ASB card, 4 dollars with an ASB card, and free for children under 6.

 The game began at 7 PM, and Apple got to choose which end of the field they were going to be on. Sadly, our football team lost. The final score was 53-0, and Apple took home the barrel.

However, thanks to our amazing cheerleaders, band, and awesome mascot, the team’s spirits were high throughout the game, despite getting beaten by Apple. Even though we were losing, fellow peers and their friends/families continued to cheer for the team. Some even showed up shirtless, in maroon and gray paint, spelling out ‘Cougars’. Mr. Churchill and choir showed up to offer their support as well, and sang the national anthem before the game began, and our band was great, playing awesomely at the end of the game.

The Cougars may not have dominated over Apple this year; however, it was quite fun. The game was exciting, amazing, and tense. The weather, however, got frosty, and cold. We thank all  who came out to support our Varsity team this year, and I hope we’ll take home the barrel next time. Our Varsity did great, and I’m glad I got to see this great game.