Club Rush Review

Madison says Club Rush was an excellent event!


Madison Nash, Senior Editor

   On Friday, August 22nd, Club Rush took place on campus. The campus was flooded with students, teachers, parents, and all types of different clubs. GSA, and Key club were offering face paint, while other booths offered desserts and treats upon signing.

     Club booths were scattered around the campus. Students were wandering around, looking at all the clubs, signing up, and of course, looking for free items.

     Besides students being super loud and crowded, there was a plus side to this. Lunch lines were short, and students had the chance to meet and interact with their older peers.

     Some club booths were quite close together, so it was hard to navigate through the commotion. However, ASB played music, which (for once) we could understand. The Cougar mascots got their groove on, and busted a move. There were also some fun games that staff participated in.

    With all the food, clubs, music, dancing, and games, it was hard not to have fun. I asked some students how they felt about Club Rush. “It was like a carnival,” said one. “It was okay, the lines for face paint and such were ridiculously long though,” said Kate Johnson.

    Club Rush was fantastic. You got to sign up for all the cool clubs, eat free food, and be social with all your peers and meet some new friends. I hope everyone enjoyed Club Rush just as much as I did, and everyone had a great time.

    Club Rush will be returning next year, and will hopefully be just as fun and amazing like it was this year.