Teen Texting Addiction

Teen Texting Addiction

Remedies Jackson, Writer

Some teens theses days are always attached to their phone. Whether, it’s in class at home or anywhere else, they still seem to want to be on social media or games. Dr. Jane Sadler is a therapist for teens who have many different problems. She has seen that some teens have trouble sleeping, and her solution is to have them separate their phone. Some teens have, as she says, “nomophobia”, which is the fear of being without mobile phone contacts.

Studies show that some teens start to have psychological problems with not having their phone around at all times. Being too dependent on your phone is not healthy for you because your brain is still growing and learning; it takes in what you do on a day to day basis and then takes it as your regular routine. For example, if you wake up and go straight to your phone every morning, then your brain takes that as an every morning thing and your brain will process that.

Try taking your phone away after you are used to it always being there; it’s a very hard process, and Dr. Sadler has some ways to help get rid of that phobia. For example; putting your phone on silent and setting it somewhere close to you but out of your reach, like a box in your closet. The phone is close to you, but you won’t really have the urge to grab it, and start texting or playing games. There are also side effects to always looking down on a screen, such as, it can really damage your eyes from always looking at small words on a brightly lit screen with no eye protection. That’s just one of many side effects, so in order to get yourself some rest and start off with a refreshed morning think about cutting back on your cell phone time. 

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