The First Assembly of the Year!


Remedies Jackson, writer

On Friday, August 7 our very own Granite Hills High School had a back to school assembly. They were lead off by our very own choir with the National Anthem, then entertained by our Cougar mascots.

     It seems, from the way the seniors were so rowdy, that they are ready to tackle this year; however, Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors also seem hyped and ready to get this school year started.

     Some people say the  assembly was a perfect way to break the ice and have a little fun while doing it. I’m glad that we had the assembly to learn more about the teachers, the staff and different activities that we can do throughout the years of being here. This could be the best assembly that we’ve had and I wouldn’t mind doing it all again.

     I hope that as we go through high school we learn to care for one another to focus on our future and to shape this nation for the next generation to come. “The assembly was fun and inspiring, its what I like to see schools be like this.” stated ninth grade Rylee Lewis. That’s what school’s about, school spirit, trying to get students to join a club or a sport or a team of some sort. School isn’t just about grades anymore; it’s about trying something new. Sports aren’t just sports any more; it’s about showing team spirit and good sportsmanship.

   It’s also good when you need to keep yourself busy, join chess club or art club. Take the time out to learn something that you didn’t know, get to know people that you wouldn’t think you would ever be friends with.  Here at Granite Hills we are a family- Maroon and Grey all the way!!