Back to School

This year, we even have some exciting changes!


Madison Nash, writer

 School is tough. Excitement, Nervousness, and eating icky school lunches.

 Going back to school is tougher. Having to scurry around looking for your next class, new teachers, seeing unfamiliar faces, etc;

 Back to school has it’s perks: You get new clothes, meeting new friends, getting to experience things you didn’t get to the previous year.

You may think school sucks, and this year is going to be the worst. Well, the school year is all about what you make of it. You can make it a good year, or you can make it a sucky year. It’s up to you.

I know it might be hard, school can be hard. No one likes waking up at 5 am just to catch the bus, and there might be some teachers who just bore you, or you don’t like. However, if you put in the effort, work, and try your best, there won’t be anything you can’t do.

 Here at Granite, we hope you make it a great year. We’re also excited to welcome the graduating class of 2019.

  This year, we even have some exciting changes!

  We now have Chromebooks. If you haven’t already gotten yours, you can pick it up in the library during the appropriate time.

  New teachers have arrived as well, Granite is proud to welcome our new Geology teacher, and boys’ water polo coach.

  Hang in there Cougars; if you try hard, and stay out of the upperclassmen way, you’ll survive!