Teen Drug Abuse

Stay away from drugs, because they don’t help your life; they just make bad things happen.


Remedies Jackson, Writer

Some teens start using hard drugs like cocaine, and heroin, at the age of 13. Some of them  may say that after their first time they won’t do it again the peer pressure from other people. Teens won’t think that they will get addicted to a drug, and use it to have fun, but there is a cost to doing drugs. They have very bad consequences to them. Some teens don’t know when they have hit the level of addiction, and that’s one of the biggest risks of doing drugs. They can also develop health problems, lose friends, start to fail in school, get memory loss, have mood swings, and push their family and friends away with horrible words. You could also not be very motivated, not wanting to go somewhere, or do something because the only thing you can think of is drugs.

         When you get the friends that care about you and try to help you, you push them away and start hanging with the other drug users that will encourage you doing drugs. You won’t see the problem with your abuse because the drugs make you feel good and help to relieve the stress you might be going through. About 570,000 people die annually due to drugs, 440,000 die from diseases in tobacco, 85,000 due to alcohol, and many other drug-related cases.

         Teens these days are taking better care of themselves by declining drugs from other people because, they know the downsides to drugs. You can get diseases from doing drugs, weather it happen later on in the road or come early, you can still get a disease. Although there are plenty of genes that influence the drug abuse, there are many more things that can trigger it. Stay away from drugs, because they don’t help your life; they just make bad things happen. That’s it for today, Maroon & Grey all the way!!