Texting in Class


Madison Nash, Writer

  Texting in class: Most of us have done it, and most of us are repeat offenders. Teachers have strict rules against even having your cell or electronic device out. If they see it, they take it.

   We all hate getting our phones taken away for checking the time, social media, playing games, and the common; Texting.

   However, is texting or using your electronic device during class really that bad? There are some actual advantages to using your electronic device during class. “Kid’s are staying connected, fighting boredom, and doing related classwork.” says insidehighered.com

   Using your device during class also a bad thing. It can be a distraction, not just to the student using the device, but also the the people around him.

   Texting in class that teachers come across on a daily basis. Most teachers have a policy, but not a ban. Some teachers actually encourage all students to bring their cell phones, or tablets to class. “I encourage all students to bring their electronic devices to class, as I want them to look up things we come across in a discussion.” Says a teacher from facultyfocus.com

  We all know those kids who, despite the rules, have their phones out, trying to be sneaky. Teachers usually find these kids and confiscate their electronics. A lot of the time, these kids usually refuse to hand over their phone. Scenes like this cause distractions and waste not just the students times, but the teachers as well. It prevents the teacher from teaching and students from learning.

   So please Cougars, don’t text in class. If you’re in desperate need to use your device for school purposes, use your chromebook! Even if you’re bored, it’s not a good idea.