Every 15 Minutes


Madison Nash, Senior Editor

     Every 15 minutes someone dies as a result of an alcohol related crash.


    Every 15 minutes is a program focused on teens drinking and texting while driving. This program is designed on changing parents and teens think about drinking while driving and texting while driving.

    The program works together with high school staff, police department, hospital, funeral home, video production, community officials, and district attorneys to reenact a fake, yet realistic, drinking/texting while driving collision.

    It starts out with a chosen students getting called out of class by the ‘Grim Reaper.” One student is called every 15 minutes. A police officer then enters the room and reads a fake obituary which was written by the ‘dead’ students family.

    Soon afterwards, the students called out, return to class as ‘the living dead’. They wear white face makeup, a coroner’s tag, and a black every 15 minutes T-shirt. These students cannot speak or interact with any of their fellow classmates for the rest of the day.

     After lunch, a fake car crash will take place outside the school. Students watching will be in chairs/bleachers outside watching. Participants will be treated and helped by firefighters and other rescue workers. Participants get to experience what it feels like to be involved in DUI crash.

   Participants trapped inside vehicles will be removed with the help of the ‘Jaws of life’, and the coroner will handle any fatalities that occurred. Students are then either transported to the hospital to be treated for their ‘injuries’ or an actual trip the the coroner’s office. The intoxicated driver will be sent to jail and have a fake trial.

    When this is over, participants will be sent to a hotel for a supervised overnight retreat. Students taken will then be asked to write a letter beginning with:

“Dear mom and dad,

Every 15 minutes someone dies in the United states, from a alcohol related collision.

Today, I died, and never had the chance to tell you….”

  Parents are asked to write a similar letter. When this is over, students and parents will exchange letters, and a real DUI victim or parent of a victim will speak their experience.

   Here at Granite we had a Every 15 minutes happen. In March, 2013 we experienced how life changing this program is.  Last year, we even had DUI court,  and experienced first hand the consequences of drinking and driving.

   Drinking/texting while driving is a serious crime, cougars. Think before getting behind the wheel. What you do can change your’s, and other peoples live, and not necessarily for the better.

   If you’d like to learn more about this life changing program, feel free to visit:www.every15minutes.com