The Superior Avenger


Cassidy Womack, Senior Editor

A huge debate has broken out amongst the students of Mr. Arnt’s 2nd period class, and in order to resolve this conflict, we need the opinions of our student body and readers. This is a serious question that, if unanswered, will wreck havoc on all who argue it. Who is the superior avenger? Most of us know who and what the Avengers are, and if not, you really need to crawl out of the rock you are under. Anyways, the Avengers are a team of elite superheroes who come together to save the world. The problem is, all of these heroes are amazing in their own right. Captain America has superhuman strength, is fast, and is really good at strategic planning. Iron man is intellectually gifted, creative, and has an awesome suit that he created himself to save his life. The Hulk turns into a huge green monster whenever he’s angry and is super strong and basically indestructible in this form. Black Widow is a master of covert operations with her ability to blend in, get what she wants, and kick butt. Thor is a powerful Norse God who wields a hammer that is said to level mountains. Out of all of these Avengers, it is hard to choose which one is the best, so we have to break them down.

Captain America (played by Chris Evans) was created in a lab. Let’s be honest. He may be attractive, but he didn’t naturally come upon his abilities. In my opinion, his creation is telling kids that steroids are good. Now that we’ve discussed his faults, he is not entirely useless. He has a strategic mind, as demonstrated in the second Captain America movie, and he is kind-hearted.

Black Widow (played by Scarlett Johansson) has many redeeming qualities. She is a woman. She’s smart, cunning, and an expert in covert affairs. Unfortunately, with her redeeming qualities, she has some bad ones. She is kind of a sidekick rather than a main hero. Also, the main reason she is in the shows is because she has a sex-appeal.

The Hulk (played by Mark Ruffalo), well don’t get me started. He was made by gamma radiation in a lab while trying to recreate Captain America. Can you say lame? His main power is getting angry because when he gets angry, he is basically an indestructible monster. I don’t understand why he was considered an Avenger because he was such a risk to the mission. He could turn Hulk at any moment and in that form, he is completely out of control. In the Avenger movie, most of his time was spent fighting Thor who was trying to stop his beast from going insane on the aircraft and killing them all. One good thing, he took down a giant caterpillar. Woo Hoo! Okay it was an alien ship, it just looked like a giant caterpillar.

Iron Man is cool. He is intelligent and he built his suit, from scratch, in a cave, with a bullet in his chest. He is the MVP of the Avengers. Tony Stark saved them all as he flew off into space with a nuclear bomb to save them all. Is he the best Avenger though? No, he is not. He may be the MVP, but he’s only a suit. It’s impressive that he built it himself, but he is just a suit and without it, he is useless (other than his super smart brain). He is a narcissistic jerk most of the time and has a horrible personality. We love him anyway though because he is played by the super attractive Robert Downey Jr.

Lastly there is Thor. No other name like Steve Rogers or Bruce Banner or Natasha Romanov, just Thor. Played by actor Chris Hemsworth, Thor is attractive and genuine. He was born a Norse God and the weapon he carries was given to him only when he was worthy. Take away the hammer, and he is still a Norse God. He is obviously the superior Avenger.

There is no arguing who the superior avenger is. You can try, but we all know that the most natural Avenger is Thor. Nothing was added to his genetics to make him better. He doesn’t wear a suit that makes him strong. He was just born. Heroes are born, not made.