Final Exams


Well, this week is the last week to finish up studying for finals. This is it, the last full week of school! Next week we will get back on Tuesday and have one last full day of the normal schedule, then it begins on Wednesday and Thursday. We have a short day filled with finals. You will attend periods one, two, and three on Wednesday. Thursday you will be taking finals in periods four, five, and six. After the three days of next week, you are done! For seniors, they will be getting ready to graduate, and most will not be coming to school next week.

This weekend is one of the most stressful weekends of the school year, and you must be prepared. Get in a very comfortable place to study. It may be with friends, alone in your room, or in a coffee shop. You may not have text books, but I’m sure you have notes that you have taken throughout the semester, so read through those notes over and over again. Rewriting them may help your situation. I highly suggest if you have plans this weekend that you put aside a few hours to study. Studying for finals this weekend is so important, and I highly suggest you study for a couple of hours this weekend.

You should pick up some good study habits, such as studying for forty minutes and taking a little break. Also, snack on something you love. You can also spend your time with your friends as you study to help you a lot. There a bunch of ways to help you study, and you need to find the way that works best for you. Remember stay strong and try to study as much as you can. I hope you do well on your finals!